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A striking bag and denim obsessions



My fascination for denim began with a pair of jeans that I saved up to buy in school. A branded one at that! Then much later I remember reading a very interesting article on how much water is needed to make one pair of denim pants!

It was an obscene amount and by that time our generation was virtually environmentally friendly! Any apparel production relies heavily on water availability, from growing cotton to manufacturing to care after use. Moreover the frequency of washing denim is abysmally low compared to other garments! So there, the guilt trip to deplete water resources  went down the drain and my love for denim continued.

From flared to skinnies, rich blues to faded,whole to the ones with holes everything worked.

Then came the age of optical illusion! I don’t know if J Lo was the first one to send the fashion brigade in a tizzy but her photographs were everywhere,flaunting her high denim boots looking like her  pants were  slipping off and gorgeously so!
What’s a diva fashion without some fun element! She could have pulled off a genuine April fool prank!

I met a friend recently who was a changed person. She turned vegan and she generously distributed her leather bags and sandals,When I met her I couldn’t stop complimenting her glowing skin( I am not promoting any food habit here) and her boho bag! A beautiful Anna’s 7 closet handmade basket style denim bag! Aah interesting! So now denim bags need not be boring slings meant for teenagers, this one was chic!

In Mumbai we love exhibitions, from bamboo baskets to diamond jewellery, everything sells! The card machines don’t work most of the time and I have never carried that kind of cash ever hence I come home mostly with a cotton saree or two. However, who can resist the lure of walking through rows and rows of gorgeous clothes and shoes and bags! There I tumbled upon a beautiful shoe stall and guess what caught my eye! A pair of denim loafers with embroidered flowers and not only that, this shoe had a name, Buttercup loafers( #Fizzy Goblet)I completely fell for the pair.

I promise my girlfriends that I will never put together my blue jeans and the blue jacket in the buttercup loafers carrying the denim bag. But I will meet them for coffee in my flared cotton skirt teamed with the buttercups or might wear my white kurta and carry the blue bag. 

Then there was an evening out with friends,when a little black dress was not in my mind, I wanted to wear my comfortable blue jeans and a silk shirt, looked classy but had to be paired with an interesting bag. A striking IOS clutch which I carried that evening pepped up the minimalistic look while keeping everything in sync.