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Clutch it like a star!


Why do celebrity women dress to the nines at prestigious events yet hold on to so little? Because, nothing speaks of elegance quite like the composed, graceful etiquette of a confident woman, whose needs for the evening are contained and clutched stylishly in just one hand, and an impeccably manicured one at that!

Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Bosworth or Angelina Jolie are no strangers to the red carpet or any other special event, and you’ll not find bulky handbags, no matter who designed them, dangling from the shoulders of these famous women. If they do happen to be carrying anything, it’s always a clutch bag, and more often than not, those elusive things are just as drool-worthy as their respective dates for the evening. They’re by no means insignificant though, for they warrant just as much attention as those glittery outfits and killer heels. Stars seem to have a knack for pairing their clutch bags with the rest of their outfit too, and quite seamlessly at that - as if it came with those shoes!

It’s apparent what clutch bags offer celebs - the freedom of unrestricted movement and not to mention a graceful touch of class. And remember, there’ll be endless posing for the paparazzi too - can you imagine them doing that with any other bag other than a newsworthy clutch? Oh, the horror!

Off the red carpet, there is still something ultra classy about clutch bags that even as part of a casual getup, it does its magic and infuses a chic look. Take Megan Fox (image provided) for example, who looked like a million bucks in tattered shorts and white top, with a zippered designer clutch.

Clutch bags have always been a part of the celebrity life, So much so that even if one wasn’t a star, stepping into a luxury restaurant with a pretty clutch in hand will make you feel like a star! Ah, but however, can you manage with one like a star? They seem to have convinced us that everything they need from their cell phone and touch-up makeup to their freshen up perfume are in there. While the wondering nature in most of us would love to uncover their secret, (for all we know there’s nothing in there because they have half a dozen minions to carry their stuff), the rest of us just want to get our hands on clutches like those and look like a star!