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Wear it, own it! How do you wear yours?

Wear it , own it! How do you wear yours?

Who would have thought that an accessory such as a clutch bag could be a hot topic of discussion among experts in the fields of fashion and body language as well? It’s been said it isn’t just the clutch itself, but the way you hold it matters too for it can make or break your whole look. Certain ways of holding a clutch can compliment your outfit, boost your confidence and even flatter your body shape! Amazing, ain’t it? So, how will you wear yours?

  • The Kate Middleton: A dainty hold, mainly in front, sometimes with both hands. If you’re new to clutches, you’d probably go for this hold, for it’s not only practical but it also saves you from the ‘idle hands’ dilemma so you won’t have to keep pretending to flip your hair! It’s an easy-peasy hold - just place your clutch in front of you. If it’s a smaller purse like the one Kate Middleton has, just hold on to it from the top or sides, in a dainty fashion. If it’s a larger clutch, place your arms in front of the bag and hold it underneath with both hands.


  • The elegant, low-hand tuck: Works with any clutch, any occasion and on either side of your body. Hold your clutch by the side and loosely pointed down at an angle. If you want to, you can extend your index finger at the bottom of the bag for a touch of celeb sass! This is an ideal way to hold your clutch for events which call for you to shake hands with people, hold a drink in one hand or even an hors d'oeuvres, so you can sip, munch and shake and still look as glam as ever.

  • The end hold (with wrist straps, of course!) & Top mid-to-end hold: Both these styles of holding a clutch reflect an air of carefree confidence, which Kate Hudson seem to reek of. It’s a hold that takes quite a bit of skill to master with flair, for you’re required to clasp on to just a small part of the clutch. Done right, it lends an air of unrivalled sophistication either in a classy evening getup or a casual one.
  • The underarm tuck: It’s an ideal hold when a girl has stuff to do (and abandoning her clutch isn’t one of them): Just because you’re holding a clutch, it does not mean your hands are tied. We’re women and multitasking is in our blood! Hence, it doesn’t matter where it’s to be done - at a cocktail party; an office dinner; while shopping at a high end mall or even during an evening in town, we’re going to make that clutch work for us and not ever against us.

  • Switch between different holding styles!: The clutch is more versatile that it appears to be and there really is no rule saying you’re stuck with just one way of holding your clutch for the entire day or night. As long as you know what you’re doing, you’re going to shine with pure glam even if you change between holding styles every few minutes!

Only the clutch can carry off quirky, interesting details

Think unique, quirky, and interesting in a bag and immediately clutches come to mind, for no other kind of handbag can handle all of that fabulousness! A clutch has way more exclusivity too, perhaps due to it being the top choice of evening bag of celebs and socialites the world over. It’s very likely that a beautiful piece of art will attract much more attention when it’s on a clutch than on a bank-breaking designer handbag, owing to its visibility factor when it’s in the delicate hands of a woman. Being as nifty as they are and generally smaller compared to other bags, clutch bags can carry off the most exquisite details without being in one’s face. They are akin to art itself in so many ways - from the way they’re held to the design, cut, shape, embellishments. Hence, to own a unique one would the same as owning a fine piece of art, and on a side note, a woman’s whole look takes a turn for the better when she has her best clutch!