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Emperor is from our Nǚwáng collection. Nǚwáng means Queen in Mandarin. This collection features luxurious and lush fabrics handpicked by Shailly's herself in beautiful motifs and patterns. This piece was inspired by royalty. The emperors of ancient China had tremendous power and responsibility.

Called the ‘Son of Heaven’, he (and once she) was given a divine right to rule over all people. The mystique of the emperor was enhanced by his invisibility to ordinary people, secluded  in the imperial palace. This particular piece is meant to convey mystery, power and mystique.

  • Material : premium silk woven fabric 
  • Bag lining : Silk 
  • Measurements : 7.5 by 4 inches by 3 inches 
  • Chain included
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free 




Is our new size  - its compact enough to fit your essentials and  just right for an evening out or a lunch with friends. 

. Fits an  iPhone XS
. Set of keys
. Cash 
. Lipstick and compact powder
. Separate pocket for credit card



We are an extremely environment conscious brand. The least we can do for our planet is to only make high-quality products that can be worn and used for years. With a little love and care your purchase will give you joy for years. We encourage you to repair or reuse whenever possible. One of the great ways also is to exchange and pass it on to friends and family. 


Your clutch is delicate product made by hand. Though it is sturdy but sometime overloading it could cause undue pressure in the lock. 
If you think it has become too heavy please hold your bag to avoid the sling chain from  being snapped.

Our bags are lacquered and thus water resistant but over exposure to rain or humidity could damage it. Please keep you bag dry in a dust bag. Wipe with a dry cloth to take way any extra moisture before storing. 

Please do not store two bag surfaces together. They should always be in a dust bag. The surface of the bag could be prone to scratches if exposed to sharp objects or rough surfaces. 


An old IOS bag in your closet deserves a second life! Instead of letting it lie and fill your space, bring it back to us! Trade it in and receive 20% discount on a new item. This way we avoid adding to landfills. We will try to find collector's who were looking for that particular bag and were not able to purchase it earlier.


We do try our best to repair your bag at a small fee. 
Where as some defects are easy to repair certain hardware defect caused due to negligence or minor accidents might be difficult. But our intent is to help you have your product in a working condition for as long as possible so do consult with us before putting that bag away! 


1. Do not over expose to water
2. Dry wipe the frame and avoid direct spray perfume.
3. Don't overload your bag
4. Don't place the hard bags precariously to avoid any falls 
5. No sharp surfaces
6. Always store in a dry dust bag