Yoga & Art Workshop 21st November
Yoga & Art Workshop 21st November
Yoga & Art Workshop 21st November
Yoga & Art Workshop 21st November

Yoga & Art Workshop 21st November

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Yoga & Art Workshop : Awaken Your Inner Artist

By Eva & Shailly

Artistic expression can be deeply fulfilling, but accessing creativity isn’t always easy. Creativity arises naturally in states of stillness and presence which is why yoga and mindfulness is such a gift. 
Join Eva and Shailly for this unique workshop where yoga and art are intertwined. To be held at this beautiful gallery featuring Shailly's Art and Fashion Showcase. Eva will lead you through a nourishing yoga practice with mindfulness. This practice of quietening the surface chatter of judgment and planning, will help you to tune into that place where creative choices are happening. Then Shailly will take you on a journey of colours in action. You would have an opportunity  to express yourself through the unique technique of Marbling. Canvas, colours and  non-art material will be provided to nurture freedom of expression to create your own masterpiece!

After this morning experience we have teamed up with HoneyCremeTree to provide a scrumptious vegetarian meal. They are a Detox Superfood hub run by nutritionists who grow their own live produce to access the food's incredible cleansing and healing power. 

Bring a yoga mat & comfortable clothes (be ready to get a splash of colour)
Eva has over 14 years of experience as a yoga and mindfulness teacher who loves to inspire, support & empower others in their journey to be the best version of themselves. She particularly enjoys running innovative workshop like Yoga on The Little Farm On The Hill, Yoga In A Museum & Silent Retreat. 
After spending 12 years in corporate life Shaily made a conscious decision to focus on her true calling - Art. Colour plays a major role in Shailly’s work. She describes her technique as being about the fluidity of colour and accidents that happen along the way. Her vibrant colours create movement as you focus on parts but calm and serene as a whole. 

Address: The TeaBird House, 83 Jalan Telawi,Bangsar.

(please park in BV-II and 2 minute walk)

Dates: 21st November
Time : 9:00- Welcome morning Tea/Coffee
9:30-11:00- Yoga and Mindfulness practice
11:00-12:30- Canvas and Colours
12:30-1:30- Bye

Cost: RM 270
Limited spaces available. 

For more info contact Kelly Chivers: 
0 12 551 8570